Since I've been living in the Western part of the United States I've had a chance to explore, and I've been able to discover some amazing, yet relatively unknown, artists who work in an area of art I hold above all others- that of functional art. While I enjoy art that exists only for its beauty and/or uniqueness I have a real passion for art that can be used; thus my fascination with and devotion to briar smoking pipes.

On one of my driving trips from Las Cruces, New Mexico- this one to Denver, Colorado to do a trunk show at Edwards Pipe and Tobacco Shop, my wife and I spent a day in Taos, New Mexico- walking around the area, visiting Kit Carson's home, and sitting for a spell in the central plaza. While in Taos I came across a small assortment of the most unique belt buckles I've ever seen. I purchased one, put it on a belt and, of course, showed it off to friends and acquaintances. The responses I received told me I was not the only one to be duly impressed, and so I got in touch with the California-based artist and agreed to represent him. I did not know it at the time but he also applies his original designs to hand-crafting unique money clips, bolo ties, and necklaces. 

All items are hand-crafted from naturally shed Elk and Deer antlers, inlaid with Sterling Silver, Lapis, Red and Black Coral, Turquoise and other precious natural materials. Each is signed and dated by the artist. All are guaranteed for the life of the object.  If a buckle, bolo, money clip, or necklace breaks during normal use we will repair or replace the item free of charge (this guarantee does not extend to cases of customer abuse).

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The above pieces are available now- priced from $440 (for the Bear Print Money Clip) to $540. Visit the Jay Jackson Artworks web site for more information.

The original designs below are but a small sampling of that which the artist is capable. As with any hand-crafted object no two are alike, although it is possible to ask that a similar item be made.

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