The above heading is a bit of a misnomer- at least in presenting this first accessory, pictured below. This is really a money accessory, specifically a folding money accessory.

Handcrafted by local (Las Cruces, New Mexico) sculptor Bruce Stanford each money clip face is fashioned from solid white bronze using the time-consuming lost wax casting process, while the clip itself is made from nickel. And, for your further edification, the pipe pictured on the money clip is taken from a model made by Paolo Becker- a pipe which is in my personal collection. 

 Pipe money clip 1.JPG (74559 bytes)

The retail price of the white bronze money clip is $90, and it is also available in sterling silver if so desired. You may order from one of the dealers on the dealer directory page of this web site or, you may order directly from Bruce Stanford by: visiting his web site, or emailing him at For those that like to use the telephone you may call Bruce  at (575) 382-9447.

The first paragraph above also applies to the second accessory- a key ring, crafted in golden bronze, showing three tobacco leaves as they are being gathered to bunch.

DSCF0013.JPG (181249 bytes)

Also cast using the lost wax process by sculptor Bruce Stanford the key ring has a retail price of $90 and, like the money clip above, can be ordered from your tobacconist or by emailing Bruce directly.