Relaxing at dinner after the West Coast Pipe Show. To the right are Kjeld Sorensen and his wifeBirgit; the rest of the folks are anonymous. (Nov.14, 2015)

A new addition to the Amorelli line, first introduced, in very limited numbers, at the Chicago pipe show, and then at the annual tobacconist trade show in New Orleans- the Patriot pipe. (July 25, 2015)

Another Chicagoland Pipe Show is done gone. This show was extremely well attended- by pipe makers, retailers, and, of course, collectors from all over the world. Federico and Nicola Becker, the late Paolo Becker’s two sons, brought 40 pipes, all made by Federico, and all were sold. My Becker stock, 20 pipes, were laid on the table and 18 of these found good homes as well. Federico has all the talent and attention to detail of his late father, and Nicola, 20 years old, isapprenticing under Federico. So- the Becker brand is in good hands under the third generation.

Salvatore Amorelli brought a vast collection of pipes, includingseveral Patriot pipes, the shanks of which sported the colors of the United States flag. None were left by shows end. Salvatore (Toto) Amorelli hasalways shown great creativity, both in design and finishing- which makes his work extremely appealing to all. (May 5, 2015)

The Becker brand of smoking pipes willcontinue, with Paolo’s older son, Federico, assuming his late father’s role. Federico had been working with Paolo for the past 12 years and has inherited his father’s talent and technical expertise. In addition Federico’s younger brother, Nicola, had been working with his father since the start of 2014 and will becontinuing his apprenticeship under Federico’stutelage.
(January 10, 2015)

Although this is“News for 2015” I want to share with you a few photos taken a couple of years ago: I have to admit that I’m having a very hard time letting go of Paolo. His gentleness, his sweet personality, continually remind me to try to be a better person.

Paolo and Federico attended the West Coast Pipe Show awhile back. Jan and I took them on a short tour of the western United States before the show. One of the stops was a store show at Edwards in Englewood, CO. From left to right are Federico, Dave (an employee of the shop), Tom (manager), Amy (an employee and an expert concerning cigars), yours truly, and Paolo.

One of our stops was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we visited Tobacco Row

The above two photos were taken in the Mastro Beraldi workshop. Above are Aldo, the patriarch, and his son Andrea. Bottom photo show husband and wife Aldo and Anna. The only onemissing is their lovely daughter Paola, who was at achool teaching phys ed at the time.

We will attend the following shows:

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